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Anu Soni founder of Brush and Palettes professional makeup studio was started in 2016. .It was driven by her unwavering dedication to work and love for the business. They are determined to expand the boundaries of beauty and hairdressing by providing excellent customer service and innovative, high-quality products. They want to make their customers happy by providing great service and making brides look beautiful.

Makeover by Anu Soni
Anu Soni

For Anu Soni, it’s never an occupation, it’s an obsession and living in your love is the goal of many. She believes that each woman is beautiful in their unique way. Sometimes, it’s not just about hiding a face from view over it. The beauty expert believes that she can bring out the visible beauty of her clients- enhancing beauty by one step at a time.

They accomplish this through their wide and diverse range of services. She will give you the most beautiful look for nearly every occasion , from bridal makeup to party makeup, to fashion makeup. You can also learn how to make-up from her.

Anu Soni to becoming a freelance professional makeup artist stemmed from an intense personal interest. Her love for makeup is creating unique and distinctive designs for her clients, focusing on the beauty inherent in each face. She has an extensive knowledge of more than 11 years working in the field. 

Finding the ideal makeup look to suit her customers, no matter if the occasion demands natural or striking it is her top priority. As a professional, she concentrates on offering a high-end detailed, precise and imaginative service.

She ensures the use of top of the line technology and premium international products like Huda, Forever 52 , Nars, Armani and Chanel. to ensure sustainability, longevity and the perfect results that are possible. She believes ” Bridal Makeup is a way to express expression and its possibilities are limitless”.

Best makeup artist in Jaipur

The best bridal makeup artist in Jaipur

In the midst of all the challenges brides-to-be have to face, from selecting the perfect dress to arranging the perfect photographer as well as makeup artist, it seems like the checklist is endless! Finding someone to create the perfect look when you get ready for the Big Day is a very stressful task. However, we’re here with the best bridal makeup artist in Jaipur  who can assist you in giving the look you’ve have always wanted to achieve.

The entire appearance of your larger than life lehenga and that gorgeous jewelry is useless if you do not hire a best bridal makeup artist! It’s all about how it can make or break your style!

Best Bridal Makeup Artist in Jaipur

1. Makeup trial before booking

It is important to be familiar with the style of your makeup artist and their style of work prior to sitting with them prior to transferring your trust completely to their services on the day of your wedding. Meet them and have them test a look that you could imagine. Take a look at the different kinds of products they’re using since the skin of yours is as important as your wedding day!

2.Satisfaction Before Booking

We make you comfortable with our free trial before booking so that you can trust us totally for your special day. We always want that our clients  can talk to about the styles they like, whether it’s their wedding makeup or hairstyle.

3.Well guidance about your Dress and Event

The makeup artist and you makeup artist are on the same team. It is important to inform them completely about the location and gowns you’re planning to wear on your big day! The various designs of your outfits as well as colors, so that they can make an informed decision prior to coming to your wedding venue. So I can give you best hair and makeup style.

4.Quality Product

Do not be reluctant to request the proof of your the degree you have received. Your money is being invested into the market.

salon and artist you choose. Make sure you are investing your money wisely to ensure you get the best experience possible. Of course, a majority of them will provide you with the style you want However, it’s a good idea to be aware of what you are looking for prior to approaching anyone.

Anu Soni The Top Best Makeup Artist in Rajasthan

Best Makeup Artist in Rajasthan

Natural beauty glow and makeup that is soft and beautiful, Anu Soni is the one to consider in case you’re planning to get married in Jaipur the pink city of India! She is located within Jaipur Rajasthan as well as she offers makeup services for destination wedding. She has years of experience & that’s what makes her best makeup artist in Rajasthan Jaipur.

She ensures that the services she provides to her clients must be perfect and in accordance with their skin type and face kind. The art of making people appear prettier isn’t an easy job and she’s a pro at it.

The perfect choice ideal for Haldi makeups, pre-wedding makeup, bridal makeup and party makeup… This makes her is among the top best bridal makeup artist in Rajasthan. Are you looking for makeup artist in Jaipur? With gorgeous eyes and big lips? Are you looking for that perfect sangeet outfit? If so, Anu Soni must be first name on your list.

From Smokey eye makeup to your sexiness and looking amazing until you’re dancing! With a team of professionals stylists, fashion photographers and hairdressers, makeup artists She has been carrying out the work to make brides appear stunning and beautiful for quite a long time.

For flawless, minimal makeup you should consider Anu Soni the best makeup artist in Jaipur. She definitely is able to give you that perfect look! Her work is sure to surprise you! They strive to give you the highest quality of service.

Their focus is on quality, creativity, and consistency, they aim to offer the highest quality of hairdressing and beauty. Their goal is to make their customers satisfied with their services, and helping brides appear effortlessly beautiful is their goal.

And it’s not wrong to say she is among the most talented makeup artistes in Jaipur.

It’s always better to take a the opportunity to look at her stunning work to speak to it’s own.

Colors that make you awestruck and stokes that impress those who love you most! Anu Soni certainly knows how to use colours and highlight your bride’s beauty, all while keeping all flaws hidden as if what we all want to appear!

Brush and Palettes Makeup Studio Services

  • Party Makeup
  • Bridal Makeup
  • Airbrush Makeup
  • Hair Style
  • Outfit Selection
Best Bridal Makeup Artist in Rajasthan

Making no effort to leave a stone unturned in making her appear effortless gorgeous, he certainly is able to do the game well. Sometimes, it’s not about covering a face and getting over it.

Her belief is in showing the best beauty of her face, one step at one time. And guess what are you waiting for? You can actually learn about makeup from her.

Do we not all want to appear as if we are stepping out of the set of a film or red carpet?

Absolutely! In particular, during our big DAY .While women’s fashion is where you should be!

With eye makeup that is dramatic and striking lips, they offer the best of everything. Making brides look gorgeous is all she is, and she will ensure that every bride is more at ease and confident in the midst of her wedding.

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